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Who We Are

Miki Delicatessen was established in 1939 by brothers Miki and Imri Kauftheil. The company’s traditions of salads, dips and fish products are now carried on by the second generation, Miki’s sons- Moshe and Ari Kauftheil, with the third generation slowly entering the family business and taking active roles.
Miki Delicatessen produces a wide range of salads, dips and fish products including fish dips as well as smoked, preserved and salted fish products and smoked salmon, following the long-standing standards set by the founding generation. We constantly invest in innovation and technology. and following its we recently launched “fish sausages” for the first time in Israel, after a long development and trial period.
Marketed throughout Israel and in multiple global locations, Miki Delicatessen maintains the highest of European standards, holding the HACCP standard and ISO 9001:2008. The manufacturing plant also received the USA Military’s veterinary department certified approval, and upholds FDA requirements. Miki Delicatessen exports to Europe, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong and other countries.
For the entire year excluding one week of Passover, our products carry Kosher certification by Rabbi Landa, Head of the Rabbinic Court of Bnei Brak. Our Passover certification is provided by Beit Yossef (due to use of Kitniot). All dips carry full kosher approved year round by the Israel Rabbinic Court, Rishon LeZion. Fish products are all certified by the Judea Region Rabbinic Court, and some are kosher approved by Rabbi Rubin of the Rehovot Rabbinic Court.
Miki Delicatessen operates two manufacturing plants, one in the Rishon Le-Zion New Industrial Zone, where dips are produced and company offices are located. The second plant, in the Har-tuv Industrial Zone adjacent to Beit Shemesh, is responsible for all fish products. Both plants integrate cutting edge technologies, professional Quality Assurance, and advanced operational systems.
Miki Delicatessen began as a family business. We cherish that atmosphere and continue doing everything we can to preserve it. A large number of our 350 employees have been with us for many years, and some of their children have now begun assimilating into our organization. The family atmosphere is also preserved in the personal touch we apply when servicing each and every client.
The company uses a fleet of over 75 distributors with refrigerated insulated trucks to ensure that products are transferred fresh on the day of production.
Our technological division includes a chief food technologist, development technologist, production technologist, Quality Assurance manager, and laboratory. Taken together, these departments ensure highest levels of supervision and control of all items, in addition to the external supervision of a veterinarian operating on behalf of the Public Health Association.
Miki Delicatessen markets to a wide array of clients in the retail and Institutional sectors.